Fixed Energy Purchasing

Fixed energy purchasing is the traditional type of energy procurement chosen by the majority of businesses in the UK. It provides the least amount of budgetary risk to businesses by agreeing on a fixed energy price upfront for the delivery of the contracted energy. Fixed price contracts, also known as forward contracts, are ideal for businesses who want to control energy costs but have a set budget. Businesses gain peace of mind, knowing exactly what their electricity rates will be for the duration of their contract.

Energy suppliers in the UK tend to offer fixed energy prices as an incentive with these contracts, as they know they are guaranteed your business for a set amount of time. Fixed business electricity prices are beneficial if market prices are fluctuating and you want stability in your outgoing funds.

Fixed energy purchasing graph - Purchase made at this point in time will guarantee you a fixed cost but this may be at a higher cost if the wholesale market drops.

There are still some risks associated with fixed energy purchasing which need to be carefully managed. It is crucial to purchase gas and electricity at the most advantageous time to lock in the best rates. At Nationwide Utilities we can source the best package that suits your business in terms of price, term and service. Through the use of market intelligence, negotiations and an informed understanding of market dynamics, we can make recommendations on how to maximise your budget and can secure contracts ranging from 1 to 36 months.

To receive a bespoke business energy analysis enquire here or call us on 0800 862 0861.

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