Flexible Energy Purchasing

With flexible energy purchasing your business can save money by buying energy below the average market price. Flexible contracts work by allowing you to take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase energy at the most advantageous time. These flexible contracts allow you to obtain a considerable savings for your company.

Flexible energy purchasing involves complex buying processes with associated benefits and risks. This type of energy procurement is often used by major energy users who are able to have a dedicated purchasing team, or a purchasing consultant, studying market data to pick the best time to buy energy for selected periods ahead. Nationwide Utilities can help you limit your risk by analysing your energy consumption and formulating a purchasing strategy based on market trends.

The benefits of flexible energy purchasing are:

  • Cost reduction. Based on market information and trends we set up a purchasing strategy and try to buy the energy below average market price by purchasing different tranches across your contract, this reflects on considerable savings for your company.
  • Certainty. With our experience and latest market tools we can take the best-informed decisions ensuring minimum risk and the best cost-benefit to your company.
  • Clear information. We provide a Risk Management Strategy that enables us to buy energy periodically across the length of your contract; we then negotiate the best framework deal with suppliers and report on daily market conditions and every trade executed.
  • Flexibility. No matter the size of your company, Nationwide Utilities provides the best energy solution for your business based on your annual consumption by using our exclusive range of products and strategies.

Flexible energy purchasing graph - Purchases made over a period will allow the cost to follow the wholesale market but if the market goes up so will the cost to the business.

Nationwide Utilities can help you limit your risk and reduce costs. Our strategy ensures there is always a close analysis on the wholesale market, a firm framework in place, and informed executions when the time is right. With our experience we can help you proactively manage your purchasing with latest market reporting tools and risk management strategies.

To receive a bespoke business energy analysis enquire here or call us on 0800 862 0861.

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