Energy Market Risk Analysis – mid April 2012

Global energy markets fall

Prices across global commodities and energy markets have fallen over the last fortnight, and UK gas and power prices with them, as fears of a stalling global economy have taken their toll and Iran conflict worries have eased.

Dropping Chinese imports and concerns than Spain will become the latest EU state to need a bail-out have stirred some of the economic gloom.


Annuals down 5%

UK gas prices have been mostly weaker since the start of April, despite many periods rallying just after Easter amid strong import demand from mainland Europe.

Although a drop in temperatures has supported short-term prices, healthy supply levels have helped offset the effect of the Elgin gas leak and outage and scheduled shutdowns elsewhere – including at the Sean field. Longer term levels meanwhile have been pushed lower by a $6 drop in oil prices, fresh global recovery doubts and a perceived cooling of tensions between Iran and the West.


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Energy price shift between 01 April 2012 and 16 April 2012

Elec: -4.35%

Gas: -4.13%

Coal: -3.07%

Oil: -3.86%
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