Energy Policies Ensure Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency

Functionality of Energy Policies

An energy policy allows you to assess and improve the way that you use energy and identifies opportunities for your business to become more energy efficient.  An energy policy should be a fundamental element of your business’s operations and should dictate how your energy budget will be spent.

A document written by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Commerce’s Commission on Environment and Energy states that energy policies “seek to identify opportunities, for example synergies for energy use across facilities, with the highest value and to share best practice across the organization. Where deployed, energy management systems have made significant improvements to efficiency and generated impressive financial returns”.

How an Energy Policy Will Benefit Your Business

  1. Lower energy costs – Creating an energy policy to make your business more energy efficiency will cut your energy costs considerably.
  2. Meet your environmental obligations – Becoming more energy efficient will help your business lower CO2 emissions.
  3. Increase productivity – Money saved from lower energy costs can be allocated to improving production and marketing activity which can give your business a competitive edge.
  4. Long-term risk management – Having an energy policy in place encourages a corporate culture that can effectively ease the risks that may occur in the future as energy costs continue to rise.

The Bigger Picture

Energy efficiency is key in the advancement of sustainable energy. Demand for energy will continue to increase and energy efficiency will be imperative in order for energy demands to be met worldwide. Making your business more energy efficient will also help to cut down on CO2 emissions and decrease overall regional air pollution.

How Nationwide Utilities Can Help

At Nationwide Utilities, we will help you develop a practical energy policy that is tailor made to fit the needs of your business. We will evaluate your current energy consumption and plan ways for you to reduce the amount that you spend on energy. The evaluation will also help us identify ways that you can meet your environmental obligations.

Your energy policy will be developed with your overall business aims in mind and the end product will help ensure that each department of your business is assisting in fulfilling your energy goals.


For more information about how Nationwide Utilities can assist you in creating an energy policy, click here.

If you would like to make a direct enquiry, enquire here or call us on 0800 862 0861.


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