Apprenticeships with Nationwide Utilities

Here at Nationwide Utilities Energy Brokers we are always on the lookout for bright apprentices with a keen interest in the UK energy market. We’ll offer you the opportunity to take your first steps in what we hope is the start of a successful career. Take advantage of a unique challenge across different areas of our company. Learn while you work, building your knowledge and skills. Gain nationally recognised qualifications and earn a wage throughout your time with us.

You will increase your understanding of an energy broker’s role within the business energy industry and the values of the inner workings of the gas and energy business sector.

Become familiar with the services Nationwide Utilities offers as an energy broker and consultant. Things like Energy Audits, Market Risk Analysis, Smart Metering, Online Monitoring, Green Energy, Climate Change Levy (CCL), Energy Procurement and Microgeneration.

You will also gain vital experience in areas that aren’t specific to our sector, such as developing a greater understanding of how to maximise your potential with the time you have. Prioritise tasks within a vibrant working environment. Learn effective ways of using a database system in order to store large amounts of information. Improve your communication skills with internal and external contacts and build positive relationships.

…And we’ve not even mentioned the friendly bunch you’d be working alongside!

If you’d be interested in working for our London Based Energy Broker please feel free to get in touch.


Current Nationwide Utilities apprentices

Josh Cox

Sales Support

Date of employment: September 2012

In my spare time I enjoy : “Reading”

Becoming an apprentice was the best decision I’ve made. The chance to earn money whilst enhancing and developing my skills within a busy and active workplace has been priceless.


Chris Greer

Sales Support

Date of employment: October 2012

In my spare time I enjoy : “Sleeping or walking my dog”

In my 4 months working for Nationwide Utilities I’ve gained an insight into how businesses work and developed a lot of new skills.

Jamie Holbrook

Sales Support

Date of employment: January 2013

In my spare time I enjoy: “Acting and performance art”

“My knowledge of a business administration role was minimal. In the past month I have already learnt a whole lot of skills useful not only in a business environment, but also in everyday situations.


Steven Barratt

Business Administrator

Date of employment: April 2013

In my spare time I enjoy: “Playing and participating in sports”

I have gained a valuable insight to how a business works. I feel this time will help me not only in my professional growth but also my personal growth.


Patrick McGarvey

I.T. Administrator

Date of employment: April 2013

In my spare time I enjoy: “Performing Music”

From day one of my Apprenticeship I’ve been provided with challenge and responsibility, but with the limitless support that helps me to succeed and learn non stop.


Applying for an apprenticeship with Nationwide Utilities


Kevin Cowan

Head of Sales

We are always on the lookout for hard working, motivated individuals looking to learn.

If you’re interested in becoming an Apprentice with Nationwide Utilities, ring us on 020 3475 2000 to find out more or alternatively please email us your CV and a covering letter.

E-mail Us


” Nationwide Utilities is committed to working with young people. The apprenticeship programme is a fantastic way of investing wisely in the future of our business. It offers a really cost effective opportunity to bring in new faces to our team. In return we help our apprentices develop key skills and gain useful qualifications – our support for the next generation of employees. “



To find out more about apprenticeships, please visit where you can find further information about what it means to be an apprentice and answer to any questions that you may have.



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