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We will use our expertise to lower your energy bills

Our Energy Bill Auditing Service

After analysing your bills, Nationwide Utilities Business Energy Brokers produce a comprehensive cost breakdown for each supply point. Coupled with planned demand changes, this helps forecast future energy consumption, allowing for more accurate budgeting.

Your Audit details actions required: eg serving termination services in good time or planning renewals. If you decide to use our business energy brokering services, the Energy Bill Audit provides a solid base. Procurement arrangements can then be adjusted to specific requirements.

Our comprehensive range of Energy Procurement services helps us obtain the best Energy contracts for you. As one of the leading business Energy Brokers in the UK, we secure cheaper prices for your gas and electricity straightaway, fixing these prices to protect you from changes in the Energy Market. There’s no need to wait until your current contract expires – we can work in advance to secure the most favourable terms for your business.

We can provide energy procurement services individually or as part of a wider Energy strategy. We analyse your Energy needs, then put a strategy in place to produce the best results based on cost savings, improved consumption patterns, lower emissions and increased efficiencies.

Our service at Nationwide Utilities Energy Brokers covers all aspects of your Energy Procurement process. First, we audit your current consumption. Then, using market intelligence and risk analysis to forecast Energy prices, we propose a purchasing strategy. Next, we procure the best contract on your behalf. Then, we track your usage through independent meter operators, monitoring performance to avoid hidden surprises.


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