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Energy Market Risk Analysis | Mid November 2017

Bull-run intensifies – then breaks While the recent bullishness intensified in the first fortnight of November, with Annuals rallying by as much as 4%, prices have buckled over the last few days as the factors that drove the market higher – colder weather, further French nuclear concerns and a surging …

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Wholesale Electricity Supply Market Shares | 2016


  Source: Ofgem calculations using data from Elexon and NETA reports. Information correct as of: July 2017 Wholesale electricity supply market shares: At-a-glance summary The following analysis and information is sourced from Ofgem. The analysis of the market concentration suggests that the GB wholesale electricity market appears to have relatively low …

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Demand Side Response (DSR) | Reducing Demand to Reduce Costs


*Source: National Grid Maximise additional revenue from existing infrastructure Our Demand Side Response (DSR) service is a key growth market in the UK which is generally welcomed by large organisations and industrial electricity consumers, as it helps organisations with flexible energy plans become smarter and maximise additional revenue from existing …

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Our Core Values | Nationwide Utilities

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Our culture and environment Since founded in 2000, Nationwide Utilities has evolved as the markets and customers have evolved, however, our founding values have remained core to our operations. We are committed to our present employees and their growth within the company as well as personally. We endeavour to support …

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Energy Market Risk Analysis | Early November 2017

Annuals claw higher on oil, cold UK power prices generally clawed higher again as October rolled into November, after having been pulled lower at the end of the third week of October as French nuclear supply fears retreated. Firmer oil and coal markets have helped push the Annuals to new …

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