Energy Market Risk Analysis | Early August 2017

Annuals nudge 5-month highs

After some up and down shuffling, UK Power annuals ended July on an up-note, nudging five-month highs, as gas, coal and oil markets all rallied. The short-term UK power market has meanwhile been much calmer over the last fortnight, after a very volatile first half of July.

All periods move jaggedly higher

UK gas prices, across all periods, have generally moved higher over the last two weeks, but in a jagged fashion, as sentiment has not been wholly bullish. Norwegian production issues and firmer oil prices have been two key upwards drivers.

Energy price shift between 16 July 2017 and 01 August 2017

Elec: +1.3%

Gas: +0.78%

Coal: +5.51%

Oil: +7.01%

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