Energy Market Risk Analysis | Mid February 2017

And down again…

Continuing the choppy trading conditions seen since the end of last year, UK power prices moved generally lower for most of the last fortnight ─ buckling as the end of the latest cold snap trimmed energy demand across Europe, only to witness a partial rebound mid-February as the gas market bounced: new storage concerns causing gas prices next winter to jolt higher while short-term gas prices rose as outages tightened physical supply.

Market weaker, despite Rough jolt

Although short-term UK gas prices extended their late January rally into the start of February, with Day-ahead pushing above 60 p/th for the first time in nearly three years amid colder forecasts and production and supply issues, they were soon tumbling. By Valentine’s Day Day-ahead had shed 20% in value, to reach 48.5 p/th ─ its lowest level since before Christmas, and was exerting a downwards pull on all other periods.

Energy price shift between 01 February 2017 and 16 February 2017

Elec: -1.51%

Gas: -1.89%

Coal: -0.75%

Oil: -0.52%

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