Energy Market Risk Analysis | Mid March 2017

Price erosion continues

Warmer, still windy weather and an improving gas supply outlook continued to pummel short-term UK power and gas prices lower over the first half of March, with knock-on effects along the forward price curve. The seasons and annuals were also pressured by sharp drops in the oil and coal markets, notwithstanding a minor rebound in general levels mid-month.

Weaker on weather, LNG, oil tumble

Warmer weather, a cluster of LNG cargo arrivals and a slump in oil prices all applied pressure to UK gas prices over the first half of March, pushing short-term prices to five-month lows and Annual prices to three-month lows ─ before  a slight and brief uptick in values mid-month.

Energy price shift between 05 March 2017 and 16 March 2017

Elec: -1.44%

Gas: -2.77%

Coal: -4.38%

Oil: -7.7%

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