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LIVE Energy Data Tool – Strategic Procurement

Power Forecast - Energy Falcon

Image: An excerpt of the tool What is it? With the growing importance to understand and review live energy forecasts, Nationwide Utilities have designed and introduced a tool which marries together with Strategic Procurement to present timely energy data. It provides live data for the following information: Market, Demand, Weather …

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Energy Market Risk Analysis | Mid February 2018

UK Energy Market - Mid Feb'18

Choppy conditions amid gas swings UK power and gas prices have had a choppy fortnight, with levels moving up and down multiple times, as changing weather, gas supply glitches, tumbling oil and coal markets and a soaring emissions market have all jostled to determine direction. April ’18 Annual UK power, …

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What are TRIADs? | Benefits of TRIAD

TRIAD Week day

TRIADs, what are they? National Grid introduced the TRIAD (Transmission Network Use of System) system charge in an effort to reduce high peaks and system stress during the winter months. Large industrial users are able to dramatically reduce energy bills by avoiding consumption during peak periods. A TRIAD can be …

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Capacity Market Auction T4 Results | 2021-22

T-4 breakdown

Figure 1: T-4 Demand and Possible Supply Range The T4 capacity market auction took place yesterday and resulted in the unexpectedly low clearing price of £8.40 per kW, per year for delivery in during 2021-22. The result disappointed the majority of analysts coming in well below previous years that produced …

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Increased Chance of Triad | February 2018

blog icon2

February cold weather increases the chance of TRIAD The UK is bracing itself as temperatures plummeted overnight to in what is predicted to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far. The cold snap will spur many businesses into reducing electricity consumption in an effort to avoid …

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