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Capacity Market Auction T4 Results | 2021-22

T-4 breakdown

Figure 1: T-4 Demand and Possible Supply Range The T4 capacity market auction took place yesterday and resulted in the unexpectedly low clearing price of £8.40 per kW, per year for delivery in during 2021-22. The result disappointed the majority of analysts coming in well below previous years that produced …

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Increased Chance of TRIAD | February 2018

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February cold weather increases the chance of TRIAD The UK is bracing itself as temperatures plummeted overnight to in what is predicted to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far. The cold snap will spur many businesses into reducing electricity consumption in an effort to avoid …

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Capacity Market T1 18/19: The Results Are In

Capacity Market Auction Results

Last night the EMR delivery body confirmed the final clearing price for the T1 18/19 capacity market auction is £6.00 per KW per year. While the result of the auction remains provisional for the period of 8 working days, contracts totalling 5.7GW are set to be handed to generators to …

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Demand Side Response (DSR) | Reducing Demand to Reduce Costs


*Source: National Grid Demand side can be defined as flexible load or generation connected to the distribution network (The National Grid). Response is a deliberate modification in electricity consumption or generation in response to an external signal. What is Demand Side Response? Demand response is a key growth market in …

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