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Energy Bill Auditing | Nationwide Utilities Business Energy Consultants


Our Energy Bill Auditing Service After analysing your bills, Nationwide Utilities Business Energy Brokers produce a comprehensive cost breakdown for each supply point. Coupled with planned demand changes, this helps forecast future energy consumption, allowing for more accurate budgeting. Your Audit details actions required: eg serving termination services in good …

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Commercial Smart Meters: How much should you really be spending on energy?

Smart meters are useful tools that can help monitor your business’s electricity and gas consumption. The meter will calculate your usage and send the information back directly to your provider.  This will do away with the need for someone from your energy supplier to physically check your meter and your …

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How and when rollover contracts can affect energy prices for commercial businesses

In the coming winter months, industrial and commercial businesses will probably receive some hefty energy bills. As a business stakeholder, this may prompt a reevaluation of your energy supplier in an effort to reduce your energy costs. The beginning of the year could be the best opportunity for you to …

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