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Energy Market Risk Analysis | Early August 2013

Energy Market August 2013

Weaker on demand drop, softer gas The first two weeks in August have seen a weakening in short-term prices and a corresponding softening in longer-term prices. Day-ahead fell below £46/MWh, its lowest level since early July ─ as consumption levels dropped well below seasonal norms. The return of nuclear reactors …

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For All Your Energy Needs | Nationwide Utilities Business Energy Consultants


How can Nationwide Utilities help your business? Nationwide Utilities Ltd are independent business energy brokers which act for commercial and public sector clients, procuring electricity and gas contracts. Established over 12 years ago, we offer a comprehensive range of additional consultancy services. Our strong working relationships with all the main …

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Why would Nationwide Utilities provide better value than your current broker?

Nationwide Utilities Video Post

To answer this question the first action is to review and assess the services you are currently receiving from your current energy consultant, to act as a benchmark. We will not claim to be offering better value without developing an understanding of the services you are already receiving. However, rarely …

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Which Energy Supplier would you Recommend?

Nationwide Utilities Video Post

There is no ‘one supplier fits all’ response to this, as the answer depends on how much energy you consume, in what part of the country you are based and precisely when (in relation to market cycles) the question is asked. For organisations with sites in multiple locations and with …

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Nationwide Utilities Newsflash | Short-term gas and power prices roar higher

Mid March 2013

UK short-term gas prices this morning witnessed their biggest spike yet of the winter With Day-ahead hitting 120 p/th and Within-day 150 p/th – its highest level since 2006 – as imports through the main interconnector with Europe (the Zeebrugge-Bacton IUK pipe) were shut off due to a pump failure. …

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