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Demand Side Response | Reducing Demand to Reduce Costs


  Our Demand Side Response (DSR) service helps large businesses become smarter and maximise additional revenue from existing infrastructure, giving our clients more control over their energy spend. Since 2014, businesses have earned more than £100m by providing capacity market savings. DSR is the new chapter of energy efficiency, incentivising …

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Which Energy Supplier would you Recommend?

Nationwide Utilities Video Post

There is no ‘one supplier fits all’ response to this, as the answer depends on how much energy you consume, in what part of the country you are based and precisely when (in relation to market cycles) the question is asked. For organisations with sites in multiple locations and with …

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Energy Policies Ensure Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency

Functionality of Energy Policies An energy policy allows you to assess and improve the way that you use energy and identifies opportunities for your business to become more energy efficient.  An energy policy should be a fundamental element of your business’s operations and should dictate how your energy budget will …

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Commercial Smart Meters: How much should you really be spending on energy?

Smart meters are useful tools that can help monitor your business’s electricity and gas consumption. The meter will calculate your usage and send the information back directly to your provider.  This will do away with the need for someone from your energy supplier to physically check your meter and your …

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