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Energy brokering: How to reduce energy bills and consumption

Choosing an energy supplier With a wide range of choices and changing energy policy regulations, choosing an energy supplier can be a challenge for businesses. For those looking for a comprehensive solution to save cost and reduce usage, an energy broker may be a good choice. The need for energy …

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Flexible Energy Purchasing

With flexible energy purchasing your business can save money by buying energy below the average market price. Flexible contracts work by allowing you to take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase energy at the most advantageous time. These flexible contracts allow you to obtain a considerable savings for …

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Fixed Energy Purchasing

Fixed energy purchasing is the traditional type of energy procurement chosen by the majority of businesses in the UK. It provides the least amount of budgetary risk to businesses by agreeing on a fixed energy price upfront for the delivery of the contracted energy. Fixed price contracts, also known as …

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