Generate revenue and mitigate rising energy costs by participating in balancing services to help maintain optimum network operation.

Balancing Services are used to ensure security and quality of electricity supply across the UK’s transmission system. They are procured by the National Grid in order to balance supply and demand on the network at times of peak load and maintain sufficient capacity to prevent power outages.

Imbalances can be caused by increased demand on the system due to higher consumption such as during the cold winter months, to mitigate against reduced supply caused by an increasing reliance on unpredictable wind and solar generation, or in the event of power plant failure.

These ancillary services may include reducing consumption by modifying energy-intensive processes during certain times, using onsite generation to mitigate energy import from the grid, making additional capacity available, or exporting electrical power back to the network using assets such as onsite generation or battery storage facilities, to help balance supply and demand during periods of peak load on the system.

With some older thermal generation assets having already closed, or leaving the system in the next few years due to economic and environmental constraints. Some of these services are designed to provide a source of revenue to keep existing capacity providers online and to incentivise longer term investment to develop new sources of capacity, which are needed to help sustain the UK’s future energy requirements.

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