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Infrastructure designed and engineered to support the future of our ever evolving energy landscape. 

Our modern world relies on an increasingly complex and interconnected network of energy infrastructure. This has become essential to support the ongoing technological advancements in smart grids, the electrification of transportation and heating, growing adoption of distributed, low carbon renewable technologies, and the energy storage systems which support them. These factors make a robust and resilient energy infrastructure grid designed to accommodate future growth, more important than ever.

Nationwide Utilities has 20 years’ experience working with a broad range of clients to develop and implement energy infrastructure solutions, including:

  • Connections – New connections, disconnections, diversions, utility and site assessments 
  • Metering – Installations, removals, live or dead checks, automated meter reader installations
  • EV Charging – Project management for electric vehicle charging infrastructure installation
  • Battery Storage – Evaluation and implementation of solutions for onsite energy storage
  • IDO/IDNO – Technical consultancy for energy asset installation and network adoption
  • Solar PV – Feasibility studies with the value best options for solar PV installations 

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