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Welcome to Nationwide Utilities, one of the UK’s leading names in strategic energy management and supply procurement. Our diverse and highly skilled team of business energy experts have proudly provided clients with unrivalled transparent utility solutions for more than 20 years and we remain a dynamic force in an increasingly challenging yet exciting sector. At its core, Nationwide Utilities is committed to accountability and progress, and our company culture's client-centric approach continuously motivates us to push the boundaries of technological development.    

Finding the right energy provider can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but we know it doesn't have to be. Our forward-thinking, highly knowledgeable, and attentive team of industry experts understands that one size never fits all. Instead, we embrace what makes each business different and work hard to design bespoke solutions that suit you best.

We're eager to listen and endeavour to source the most effective bespoke solutions for all your business energy needs, including comprehensive end-to-end energy optimisation and strategic emission reduction solutions to meet our global climate change commitments.


Alex Pinna

Managing Director & Founder

Alex founded Nationwide Utilities with the intention to simplify the complex and temperamental world of energy procurement and management. Like many, he had always been fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities presented by the energy industry and revelled in all its remarkably fast-paced innovation. Unfortunately, he felt that the supply procurement process had become unnecessarily convoluted, even for the most established businesses.

Over the course of the past two decades, Alex has channelled his entrepreneurial spirit into building something capable of challenging the status quo and instigating real change. To achieve his goals, he knew he'd have to push every boundary at every juncture.

Soon enough, Alex had laid the foundations for a progressive hub of talented individuals similarly passionate about the future of our planet and providing excellence without compromise.

Conor Coules_NEW

Conor Coules

Financial Controller
Noah Andrle_NEW

Noah Andrle

I&C Sales Manager
Jagat Sethi_NEW

Jagat Sethi

SME Sales Manager
Sam Wears_NEW

Sam Wears

I&C Senior Account Manager
Joseph Long_NEW

Joseph Long

I&C Key Account Manager
Mohsin Iqbal_NEW

Mohsin Iqbal

SME Senior Account Manager
Daxi Zhang_NEW

Daxi Zhang

Energy Consultant
George Murdoch_NEW

George Murdoch

Energy Consultant
Sebastijan Bauman_NEW

Sebastijan Bauman

Development Manager

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