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How and when rollover contracts can affect energy prices for commercial businesses

In the coming winter months, industrial and commercial businesses will probably receive some hefty energy bills. As a business stakeholder, this may prompt a reevaluation of your energy supplier in an effort to reduce your energy costs. The beginning of the year could be the best opportunity for you to …

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Energy Market Risk Analysis – mid November 2011


Modest price bounce UK power and gas prices have witnessed a modest general bounce over the last fortnight, helped by a drop in temperatures, reductions in supply and oil prices rising above $115/barrel. Short-term prices have continued to hold at the higher levels while longer–term prices have started retracing again. …

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Energy Contract Types

There are two main energy contract types, fixed and flexible. These are sourced through energy suppliers and include a variety of energy service and tariff agreements. Deciding between different types of business energy contracts, for large users especially, requires a careful consideration of the options. The contract best suited for …

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Flexible Energy Purchasing

With flexible energy purchasing your business can save money by buying energy below the average market price. Flexible contracts work by allowing you to take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase energy at the most advantageous time. These flexible contracts allow you to obtain a considerable savings for …

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Fixed Energy Purchasing

Fixed energy purchasing is the traditional type of energy procurement chosen by the majority of businesses in the UK. It provides the least amount of budgetary risk to businesses by agreeing on a fixed energy price upfront for the delivery of the contracted energy. Fixed price contracts, also known as …

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