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How can Nationwide Utilities help your business?

Petros Chalkiadakis - Energy Consultant

Nationwide Utilities Ltd are independent business energy brokers which act for commercial and public sector clients, procuring electricity and gas contracts. Established over 12 years ago, we offer a comprehensive range of additional consultancy services. Our strong working relationships with all the main UK energy suppliers have been developed over the past twelve years.

By identifying your objectives for Energy Management and Sustainability, we work with you to provide robust energy solutions for your growing business needs.

Managing and delivering Energy Procurement solutions is at the heart of our business. We meet our deliverables, using our extensive experience gained from such clients as TAG Farnborough Airport and BrightHouse.

Whether you require fixed or flexible solutions, we will help you identify the best options. We make certain that our clients have the ability to access the energy markets at the most appropriate time, by tracking those markets on a daily basis.

Take advantage of our wide range of additional services to make Nationwide Utilities the clear choice for all your energy needs. Our customized solutions include Energy Consumption Management, Smart Meter installation, Renewables, Microgeneration and Installations, as well as managing and reporting under the CRC Efficiency Scheme for Green Energy.

What can we do for your Business?

Nationwide Utilities Limited is an independent business energy brokerage that acts for commercial and public sector clients in procuring electricity and gas contracts from energy suppliers. Established for over 12 years, we offer a range of additional consultancy services including Energy ManagementRisk Assessment and Operational Appraisals.

Nationwide Utilities works with a wide range of requirements in the provision of electricity and gas for the non-domestic sector and has strong working relationships with all the main energy suppliers.

Please feel free to Contact Us about any enquires you may have.


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