Wholesale Electricity Supply Market Shares | 2016


Source: Ofgem calculations using data from Elexon and NETA reports.

Information correct as of: July 2017

Wholesale electricity supply market shares: At-a-glance summary

The following analysis and information is sourced from Ofgem. The analysis of the market concentration suggests that the GB wholesale electricity market appears to have relatively low levels of concentration.

In 2016, EDF Energy had the largest share, accounting for around a quarter of total generation. However, EDF Energy’s generation portfolio is mostly nuclear plant. Nuclear plant have low marginal costs and are very costly to increase or decrease output. This means they generally run as a flat baseload source of power at high-load factors.

Relevance and further information

Market shares are an important indicator of trends in market concentration and competition. High market shares for a small number of firms suggest low levels of competition, and vice versa.


We calculate market shares from metered volumes associated with individual power stations and interconnectors (called Balancing Mechanism Units or BM units). We have made assumptions about which companies own each BM unit. Volumes are split based on equity stakes.


Ofgem calculations using data from Elexon and NETA reports.

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