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Energy Intensive Industry Subsidies | What it means for businesses

Energy Intensive Industry Subsidies

Energy Intensive Industry Subsidies (EIIs) To ensure the UK meets its low-carbon targets, the government has introduced several policies encouraging the growth of renewable technologies to help shape a sustainable future. As a consequence of these policies, new renewable charges have been introduced to business and domestic invoices, hence increasing the …

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TRIAD Dates Confirmed | 2017/18

1718 Confirmed TRIAD Dates

Winter 17/18 TRIAD dates The results of the 17/18 TRIAD season were today confirmed by National Grid: 1. Monday 11th December ’17 – SP35 2. Monday 5th February ’18 – SP36 3. Monday 26th February ’18 – SP37 Nationwide Utilities successfully notified clients of ‘high chance of TRIAD’ (our strongest …

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Medium Combustion Plant Directive

Medium Combustion Plant Directive

What you need to know about the MCP directive In an effort to reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants from medium sized combustion plants and generators in England and Wales, the Government has transposed the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) into UK law from the 19th December 2017. The legislation …

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Excess Capacity Charges are due to Change | DCP 161


DCP 161 What is DCP 161? From the 1st April 2018 Ofgem are introducing DCP161 to ensure that half hourly (HH) supplies that exceed their assigned available capacity are charged an excess penalty rate potentially up to three times higher than the standard rate. Prior to the introduction of DCP161, …

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TRIAD Season Ends | What Next? | 17/18

1718 TRIAD Peak Chart

TRIAD Season 17/18 Results The 17/18 TRIAD season has now concluded with a significant February finish, owed in the main part to the arrival of the Siberian weather dubbed ‘the beast from the east’ that resulted in a flurry snow and TRIAD notifications. The TRIAD refers to the three half-hour settlement periods with highest system demand between …

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