Working in partnership with Business Improvement Districts nationwide to help reduce the time and money you spend on utilities.

  • Energy procurement can be complex and time consuming. We simplify the process of obtaining the best quotes for you.
  • Nationwide Utilities has a dedicated service team that works exclusively with Business Improvement Districts throughout the UK.
  • We work with all major utility suppliers and negotiate between them to get you the best prices, saving you both time and money.
  • Gain the bulk buying power of businesses in your area, combined with other BIDs across the UK to bring utility prices down further.
  • Our energy is Green as standard as we aim to make businesses in your area and around the country more environmentally sustainable.
  • The price of energy changes all the time. Our solutions continuously monitor these markets to secure your contracts while prices are low.
  • Achieving savings on your utilities through us provides additional value for BID membership and can often outweigh the cost of your BID levy.
  • We review and optimise your usage, tariff and carbon footprint to ensure you’re always on the best rates and manage any switch to a new supplier.
  • We take care of the whole process for you, from bill validation to securing the best prices, managing all your contracts from start to renewal.

To start saving all you need to do is send us the latest copy of your electricity or gas bill to Our savings consultants will analyse all aspects of your contracts and provide recommendations on savings and efficiencies.

Telephone: 0203 475 2006

Our Partner Business Improvement Districts

“We have been very impressed with the excellent service that we receive from Nationwide Utilities. They supported us through the transition from our previous suppliers and have created significant savings for us. We were looking for an energy broker who we could trust to find the best utility deal on our behalf and provide a strong after service. We have definitely received this from Nationwide Utilities.”

“Nationwide Utilities have helped us to cut our energy costs and we have been so impressed that we have passed on referrals.”

“We had not used an energy broker before and looked at a few before choosing Nationwide Utilities. We are happy with them and as such have never had to change broker. Alex and David came across as gentlemen who know their business and their presentation of the products was excellent. They certainly met our expectations and where anything was not as we expected, Alex took the trouble to review, sort out and deliver. I would recommend Nationwide Utilities, without any hesitation.”

“Nationwide Utilities has helped us save money through procurement at a number of international locations and provides excellent energy management support. Whilst working with Nationwide Utilities, we’ve found them to be very professional and they always respond quickly whenever we have a question.”

“BrightHouse have achieved significant savings working in partnership with Nationwide Utilities. They keep the procurement process simple and don’t charge the high fees experienced with other brokers.”

We’re here to assist your business with their energy needs

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