Connections, Metering, & MOP  Management

Going somewhere? Make sure your connections are, too.

Moving can be an inefficient and expensive process without end-to-end utility management support. Whether you're planning to move into a new office or expand into many, we offer a host of electricity connection and disconnection services for a seamless transition.

Installing new smart meters, negotiating cost-effective Meter Operator (MOP) contracts, and applying for Unmetered Supply (UMS) certification with your Network Distribution Operator (DNO) isn't straightforward.

Following the introduction of Ofgem’s P272 legislation, it’s now mandatory for businesses operating at a peak load capacity above 100kW to install half-hourly metering (HH) and obtain MOP contracts for every meter. These contracts generally last up to five years and cover operation, maintenance, and the necessary telecommunications connectivity required for it to send energy consumption data to your energy supplier.

Get in touch with our team of utility metering specialists today to make sure you've ticked - and packed - every box before you hit the road.

How can we help?

We’ll negotiate all metering requirements on your behalf and source new energy contracts for any property in any postcode. With transparent consumption reporting, automated meter readers (AMR) monitoring, thorough re-energisation and de-energisation checks, you can rest assured that your new space will be ready before you even arrive.

Electricity connections & disconnection

Smart meter installation, reporting, and management

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device installation, reporting, and management

Half-Hourly (HH) meter management and consumption reporting

Secure MOP contract negotiation

Supply & installation

De-energisation, re-energisation, and permanent removal

Live or dead checks to ensure steady gas supply

Temporary gas, electricity, and water supplies throughout the moving process

Data monitoring & consumption reporting

Automated meter readings (AMR) reporting to track, analyse, and profile consumption

Half-hourly and non-half-hourly data management and reporting

Transparent usage and efficiency reporting

Online access to real-time consumption data


✔ Seamless meter and supplier changeovers

✔ Sub-metering management for multi-tenant properties

✔ UMS certification with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) for unmetered supplies

✔ Maintenance and upgrade solutions