Short Term Operating Reserve

Mitigate rising energy costs and help to reduce carbon emissions by responding to electrical stress events on the grid.

What is STOR?

STOR is a reserve grid demand side response service that helps to balance supply against demand on the system, which at certain times of the day may be greater due to unforeseen generation unavailability or high usage periods.

Why was STOR introduced?

It is one of the oldest balancing services used by the grid to manage load across the system. It was introduced to help manage load across the system by incentivising responders to reduce consumption, or increase generations when called upon by the National Grid at times of peak stress on the network.

Who can participate?

The service is available to technologies connected to either the transmission system or distribution network that have the ability to increase or reduce demand by 3MW or more. STOR providers are located throughout Britain, but the closer they are to high demand areas such as the south east England and Wales, the more desirable they are to the system operator.

To participate STOR providers must:

  • Offer a minimum of 3MW of generation or demand reduction across their sites
  • Respond within two hours of being call upon (within 20 mins is preferable)
  • Sustain a response for a minimum or two hours

How can we help?

If you are interested in finding out more about STOR, how you can participate, and the ways it can help to cut your costs, please get in contact with our team of specialist today.