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Welcome to Nationwide Utilities, a London-based business energy consultancy founded in 2000 by energy industry enthusiast Alex Pinna. We are one of the UK’s leading names in strategic energy management and supply procurement. Our diverse and highly skilled team of business energy experts have proudly provided clients with unrivalled transparent utility solutions for more than 20 years and we remain a dynamic force in an increasingly challenging yet exciting sector. At its core, Nationwide Utilities is committed to accountability and progress, and our company culture's client-centric approach continuously motivates us to push the boundaries of technological development.    

We're eager to listen and endeavour to source the most effective bespoke solutions for all your business energy needs, including comprehensive end-to-end energy optimisation and strategic emission reduction solutions to meet our global climate change commitments.

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Alex Pinna 
Founder & Managing Director

Alex founded Nationwide Utilities with the intention to simplify the complex and temperamental world of energy procurement and management. Like many, he had always been fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities presented by the energy industry and revelled in all its remarkably fast-paced innovation. Unfortunately, he felt that the supply procurement process had become unnecessarily convoluted, even for the most established businesses.

Over the course of the past two decades, Alex has channelled his entrepreneurial spirit into building something capable of challenging the status quo and instigating real change. To achieve his goals, he knew he'd have to push every boundary at every juncture.
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Mike Chan 
Commercial Director

Mike has held a broad range of senior roles over the last 26 years within the energy industry.  In 2004 Mike took an executive position at EDF Energy where he became instrumental in building their UK Energy Services Department - managing their entire energy efficiency product portfolio department. In 2012 Mike was brought on as the Sales Director of Beond Group, to broaden their capability to attract large brands and public sector clients. His achievements include.
  • Co-founded the West London Energy Innovation Hub (Centre of Excellence for Energy in the UK) with the support of the Energy Minister Amber Rudd
  • Acted as the lead energy consultant for Capita Group and developed 45 other strategic partners.
  • Designed and launched two public sector frameworks for energy procurement.
  • Acted as the main procurement strategy specialist for APSE.
  • Helped Beond grow 20-fold in 10 years before selling on to a PLC in Dec 2021.
In 2022 Mike joined Nationwide Utilities.  The aim of the current role is to grow the business by developing and implementing a strategy to promote their unique risk management software, net zero services and PPA offering to the I&C and public sector markets.

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Mike Chan

 Sam Wears

 Senior Risk & Portfolio Manager

Having graduated with a Masters in Sustainability, Sam has over 6 years’ experience supporting Nationwide’s I&C clients, ranging from manufacturing, private airports, high street retailers to universities. As Senior Risk & Portfolio Manager, Sam helps clients build a strategic understanding of sustainability to effectively deliver on impact whilst gaining advantage. He provides specialist procurement advice supporting both fixed and flex contracts, with experience in managing over 200gig of annual consumption. His capabilities vary from providing tailored Risk Reports that help clients navigate volatile energy markets to  Demand Side Response, generating revenue from on-site assets.

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Noah Andrle
Technical Services & New Connections 

Noah held senior positions for 10-years at npower, including Team Coach for the Customer Contact Team in Major Business Accounts, Technical Services Meter Compliance Manager, I&C Connections Team Manager and Development Manager. Instrumental in designing processes and working protocols for managing supply upgrades and new connections; he implemented a proactive, project managed based approach and set up a meter scheduling team for the Half Hourly Meter Operator; halving new connection timescales and creating the industry blueprint for the efficient coordination of network reinforcements and new connections.      

Joining The Energy Desk as Associate Director in 2011, he launched TED Site Operations before moving to Beond in 2014 and establishing Utility Infrastructure Services; a catalyst for winning large brands with multi-site portfolios, estate expansions or property developments and contributing to five years of record revenue growth, multiple industry awards and the successful acquisition by AIM listed e-Energy Group Plc in 2020.  

Since joining Nationwide Utilities as Technical Services Director in 2021, Noah has successfully connected some of the UK’s largest, most sustainable data centres, logistics warehouses and business parks across the UK for Peel Group, Henry Boot, Winvic, Readie, Savills, Custodian DC, Legal & General, Amazon and Diageo. 

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Noah Andrle

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