Renewable Technology Carbon Reduction for Business
Battery Storage


Mitigate rising energy costs, help balance the grid network and support the transition to renewable energy with battery storage technology.

Why is battery storage important?

Battery systems can be used to store cheaper electricity at certain times of the day which can be used when prices are higher. This can also help to avoid some of the electricity transmission costs during peak usage periods.

Battery storage solutions can help protect your business from fluctuating energy costs and can generate revenue by helping to balance the electricity network.

Demand Side Response (DSR) initiatives like Firm Frequency Response (FFR) and the Capacity Market (CM) provide payments for energy assets that make capacity available to help balance the grid, during times of peak load on the network.

Energy storage solutions are becoming increasingly important to help balance out the intermittent supply from renewable generation by storing excess electrical power from sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and wave energy, and deliver it when output from these sources are low. This helps to smooth out their unpredictable supply and supports our transition away from fossil fuels towards a low carbon energy system.

How are battery storage systems funded?

Battery storage can be funded directly by the end user, allowing them to reap any financial benefits from the use of the system and recoup their investment over time. Alternatively, the equipment can be funded by a third party where they keep some of the revenue generated to cover the costs of the hardware, installation, and maintenance.

Benefits of battery storage:

  • Reduce Energy Costs

  • Generate Revenue

  • Cut Carbon Emissions

  • Improve Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Help Balance the Grid

How can we help with battery storage?

We can determine the best hardware, installer and location on your site, generation requirements, and budget. We manage the whole process from end-to-end, evaluating the numerous variables, sourcing quotes from the best providers and ensuring cost effective and timely delivery of projects to the highest standards.