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Neil Kenny

“Controlling energy usage is a key priority for us and Nationwide Utilities makes the process really simple with the online data they provide. A network of smart meters gives us easy access to our energy and gas consumption information and being able to manage this data online has helped us become much more efficient. We are delighted with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nationwide Utilities.”

Simon Williams
Simon Williams

“Nationwide Utilities has helped us save money through procurement at a number of international locations and provides excellent energy management support. Whilst working with Nationwide Utilities, we’ve found them to be very professional and they always respond quickly whenever we have a question.”

Feizal Muttur

“We had not used an energy broker before and looked at a few before choosing Nationwide Utilities. We are happy with them and as such have never had to change broker. Alex and David came across as gentlemen who know their business and their presentation of the products was excellent. They certainly met our expectations and where anything was not as we expected, Alex took the trouble to review, sort out and deliver. I would recommend Nationwide Utilities, without any hesitation.”

Karen Bentley

“Nationwide Utilities have helped us to cut our energy costs and we have been so impressed that we have passed on referrals.”

Darren Fox

“BrightHouse have achieved significant savings working in partnership with Nationwide Utilities. They keep the procurement process simple and don’t charge the high fees experienced with other brokers.”

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Linda Baxter

“Nationwide Utilities have been outstanding in managing our energy needs. Their site audit and comparison project identified several supplies not under contract, enabling us to secure better energy tariffs and significant annual savings. Consolidating all our supplies has also streamlined our operations and simplified future renewals. We're extremely grateful for the support and highly recommend Nationwide Utilities.”

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