Business Energy Procurement
Green Energy Contracts 


Reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero targets with our renewable energy solutions. 

In the UK, more of our electricity is coming from low carbon or renewable sources all the time. In 2020 we produced around 43% of our electricity from renewables and is set to reach 56% by the year 2035.

Green Energy doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Purchasing renewable business energy used to carry a hefty premium. However, with more sustainable sources coming online and the latest advancements in carbon neutral technologies, the increase in renewable energy production has helped to bring costs down, more inline with fossil fuels.

We can secure you the most environmentally and financially sustainable solutions from our network of accredited suppliers or can help you explore Power Purchase Agreements or Renewables and Onsite Generation as an alternative.

Green Energy Contract Benefits:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions to achieve net zero targets.
  • First step with minimal effort to reduce your carbon emissions. 
  • Minimal cost difference to non-renewable contracts. 


Get in touch today for a comprehensive audit and carbon emissions report to identify ways your business can eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels for substantial savings and peace of mind.