Fixed Energy Purchasing

Our fixed price energy procurement services give you budget certainty for the duration of your contract.

Fixed price energy contracts allow you to accurately forecast energy expenditure over the next one to five years, depending on your requirements and the current and forecasted energy market conditions. This guarantees peace of mind that your rates will remain the same for your entire contract length. It can include fixing both the energy and non-energy costs for the government taxes and levies, which now make up nearly half of your bill and are increasing year on year.

A fixed energy contract will ensure you don’t see any increases in energy costs throughout its duration. However, as you are fixing costs, it is important to ensure you fix them when prices are low. Which is why our procurement specialists use their wealth of experience in the industry and deep understanding of energy market dynamics, along with our market intelligence and in-house procurement solutions to monitor price fluctuations in real-time, and make recommendations on when to fix the most competitive rates.

The benefits:

Budget Certainty for the contract duration
Mitigate the risk of market volatility
More control over energy and non-energy prices

To find out more about the different ways your business can benefit from fixed energy procurement and become more cost efficient, contact our team today.