Business Energy Flexible Procurement

Capitalise on energy market volatility with flexible energy contracts to secure prices below the average wholesale rate.

Take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and spread your risk across multiple purchase points at the optimum times over the duration of the contract. Our customised flexible procurement frameworks can offer considerable cost reductions when managed by our team of industry experts.

Flexible energy purchasing involves complex buying processes with associated benefits and risks. We limit your risk by using our market intelligence and cutting-edge technology to monitor the energy market in real-time. This allows us to set market triggers which notify us when to secure your next tranche of energy whilst wholesale prices are low.

All purchasing decisions can be automated according to predefined criteria we establish in consultation with you. If prices move above or below a specified percentage, your procurement consultant is immediately notified to either secure at that rate, or contact you to discuss how best to proceed. This allows us to continuously secure the optimum rates to maximise savings.

Short-term flexibility with long-term perspective.

While flexible energy procurement can be complex, twenty years of experience coupled with market intelligence and cutting-edge proprietary financial forecasting technology enable us to monitor the market in real-time for real savings. Progressive risk mitigation tactics help you steer clear of peaks in prices and ensures that your business benefits from every downward market movement. 

The benefits:

Flexibility to secure pricing below the market average
Spread your risk over multiple purchase points
Gain full control over each purchasing decision

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