Flexible Energy Purchasing

Capitalise on energy market volatility with flexible energy contracts to secure prices below the average wholesale rate.

The simple act of educating our clients makes a world of difference. Knowledge is still power, after all – and vice versa. Most businesses are aware that there are a variety of energy purchasing options available to them, but the specificities tend to be purposefully vague. Save time – and, of course, energy – with our bespoke fixed and flexible energy solutions. With our help, you can decide whether a flexible or fixed contract is best suited to your business.

When wholesale market prices are at their lowest, our market triggers notify us that it’s time to buy on your behalf to secure the right tariff – at the right time – with the right supplier.

All purchasing decisions are automated according to predefined criteria directly established by yourself. If prices shift above or below a specified percentage of your previous contractual obligations, your procurement consultant is immediately notified to either secure a contract at that rate or will directly contact you to discuss how best to proceed. This allows us to continuously secure the most risk-free tariffs to optimise efficiency and maximise savings.

Short-term flexibility with long-term perspective.

Versatile energy contracts put you in control of how much energy you buy and when, especially in particularly bearish markets. And to further mitigate the risks associated with purchasing power during a bullish market, our team will already have a secure risk mitigation strategy put in place to avoid incurring any extra fees.

While flexible energy procurement is complex for all large businesses, twenty years of experience coupled with market intelligence and cutting-edge proprietary financial forecasting technology enable us to monitor the market in real-time for real savings. Progressive risk mitigation tactics help you steer clear of peaks and troughs by spreading costs over multiple purchase points, ensuring that your business benefits from every downward market movement. 

The benefits:

Flexibility to secure pricing below the market average
Spread your risk over multiple purchase points
Gain full control over each purchasing decision