Business Energy Procurement 
Standalone Flex & Flex Basket Frameworks


Capitalise on energy market volatility with flexible energy contracts to secure prices below the average wholesale rate. 

Take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and spread your risk across multiple purchase points at the optimum times over the duration of the contract.

Our customised flexible procurement frameworks can offer considerable cost reductions when managed by our team of industry experts. Progressive risk mitigation tactics help you steer clear of peaks in prices and ensures that your business benefits from every downward market movement. 

Flex Baskets 

Flexible energy contracts had traditionally only been suited to customers with a high energy output, however with the volume of clients we have under the threshold now enrolled onto this procurement strategy, we can pull together a total combined energy spend and leverage their overall consumption with a flex basket.

This means we can offer flex to most UK business, many of whom wouldn't be eligible for flexible purchasing alone. 

Automated Market Trigger Technology

Flexible energy purchasing involves complex buying processes with associated benefits and risks. We limit your risk by using our market intelligence and cutting-edge market trigger technology to monitor the energy market in real-time.

This allows us to set triggers which notify us and you when to secure your next tranche of energy whilst wholesale prices are low. All purchasing decisions can be automated according to your predefined criteria.

Flexible Energy Benefits:

  • Flexibility to secure pricing below the market average.
  • Spread your risk over multiple purchase points.
  • Gain full control over each purchasing decision. 
  • Short-term purchasing strategy while market is at an all-time high.