Flexible Energy Purchasing

Flexible energy purchasing can reduce costs by purchasing energy below the average market price.

Take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase at the optimum time. Our customised flexible procurement frameworks can offer considerable cost reductions when managed by our team of industry experts.

Flexible energy purchasing involves complex buying processes with associated benefits and risks. We limit your risk by using our market intelligence and cutting-edge technology that monitors the energy market in real-time, and allows us to set triggers which notify us when to secure your next block of energy whilst wholesale prices are low.

Purchasing decisions can be automated according to pre-defined criteria. If prices move above or below a specified percentage of your previous contract price, we are notified to either secure a contract at that rate, or contact you to discuss the best options. This helps to mitigate against price increases when the market rises, and notifies you of opportunities to you secure lower rates when prices drop.

This type of contract is best suited to high consuming organisations using over 10GWh of electricity or 1 million therms of gas per annum. However, smaller businesses can also benefit from flexible procurement by joining one of our groups in a flexible purchasing basket.

The benefits:

Flexibility to secure pricing below the market average
Spread your risk over multiple purchase points
Gain full control over each purchasing decision