Creating a top-class financially and environmentally sustainable energy strategy for the future.

You’re helping to shape the future, so at Nationwide Utilities we assist you on the journey by supporting your educational institution in becoming more sustainable, whilst reducing energy costs and the time your staff spend managing utilities.

Whether in the public or private sector, we understand the increasing pressures on budgets, along with the requirements to remain energy efficient and in-line with the government's carbon reduction policies can be challenging. We deliver strategic energy management, monitoring and optimisation solutions tailored to meet the latest regulations, and the needs of your school or university.

From using less energy and securing your supply contracts at the optimum time, to reclaiming inaccurate charges and exploring new revenue streams by participating in grid balancing services. There are many ways we can help make you more financially and environmentally sustainable.

We keep you informed on your consumption patterns and provide the most favourable contracts and optimisation strategy through our in-house energy monitoring technology which keeps you at an advantage.

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“We have been very impressed with the excellent service that we receive from Nationwide Utilities. They supported us through the transition from our previous suppliers and have created significant savings for us. We were looking for an energy broker who we could trust to find the best utility deal on our behalf and provide a strong after service. We have definitely received this from Nationwide Utilities.”

“Nationwide Utilities have helped us to cut our energy costs and we have been so impressed that we have passed on referrals.”

“We had not used an energy broker before and looked at a few before choosing Nationwide Utilities. We are happy with them and as such have never had to change broker. Alex and David came across as gentlemen who know their business and their presentation of the products was excellent. They certainly met our expectations and where anything was not as we expected, Alex took the trouble to review, sort out and deliver. I would recommend Nationwide Utilities, without any hesitation.”

“Nationwide Utilities has helped us save money through procurement at a number of international locations and provides excellent energy management support. Whilst working with Nationwide Utilities, we’ve found them to be very professional and they always respond quickly whenever we have a question.”

“BrightHouse have achieved significant savings working in partnership with Nationwide Utilities. They keep the procurement process simple and don’t charge the high fees experienced with other brokers.”

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