What makes Nationwide Utilities unique?
Our company has a hands-on approach to management and our director is frequently involved in procurement negotiations and problem-resolution directly with suppliers.

We share market knowledge with our customers in the same way we do with each other. Our team have a diverse and multidisciplinary range of skills that allows all of us to take accountability for the service we deliver to our customers.
How can you help us reduce costs?
Our emphasis is on delivering long term strategic benefits to customers, not just the best prices for energy supply. The process we work through with our clients to meet their needs is the best method for securing the most beneficial contractual terms.

Our procedure ensures the following; reduced costs, reduced carbon, less risk and greater flexibility to select the contract structure that most closely meets your needs.
1. Energy Audit
2. Risk Analysis
3. Understanding Needs
4. Strategic Procurement
5. Secure Contract
6. On-going Management
Which energy supplier would you recommend?
We believe the best supplier to go with must have competitive prices, offer a competent level of billing and service, be financially stable, be ethical and environmentally responsible, well-established and does not place profits above the needs of their customers.

When deciding on which supplier to choose, the following factors should be considered:
✔ How much energy your business consumes
✔ Location of the business site(s)
✔ Precisely when (concerning market cycles) the question is asked.
Why would NU provide better value than our current broker?
From our point of view as bespoke energy advisers, we assess and review, digest and understand before offering our client a choice of options as to what is the most effective solution to meet their needs both shorter and longer term.
What technology does NU use to track, purchase and monitor energy?
We have internal tools which strategically track and monitor the energy market. We set market triggers to ensure prices remain within your maximum and minimum price targets.