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Data-driven, just like you.

Scientists first predicted that data would surpass oil as our global economy's most valuable commodity in the 1970s. Sure enough, the rapid development of information technologies began to define a new, undeniably digital era. From lifting whole communities out of poverty to sharing family photos with loved ones, the ability to seamlessly share data has proven indispensable to our daily lives. 

Whether you manage an independent data storage facility or require colocation services, our team's proactive approach to data centre energy management can optimise costs by identifying risks and opportunities. In the UK alone, the digital sector is responsible for at least 8% of our entire GDP - and will be worth more than £6.5bn by 2025. This means that the smallest dip in your data centre's uptime can have catastrophic consequences to revenue and reputation. 

Great power, even greater social responsibility.

Data centres can consume vast amounts of electricity. In fact, research suggests that these digital monoliths already account for approximately 2% of annual global energy consumption 

To offset these greenhouse gas emissions and meet our decarbonisation obligations, the UK offers a variety of energy efficiency opportunities. While energy sector regulations seem to evolve on an almost daily basis, our highly knowledgeable team of data centre management experts are here to guide your business through every transition.  

If you already participate in specific green initiatives, including the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) Scheme or Feed-In Tariffs (FIT), the next few years may present many changes. Get in touch now to learn more and find out how we can help maintain your business’ competitive edge.

Why work with us?

At Nationwide Utilities, we understand the complexities of information technology, energy market volatility, and the boundless advantages of switching to renewable resources. Cost-effective data centre energy management is an increasingly complex process that poses a variety of risks, but our enterprising approach is specifically designed to provide peace of mind that your information is in safe hands, rain or shine.

How can we help?

The Nationwide Utilities team has more than a decade of experience supporting data centre clients. Our passionate procurement specialists can call upon their sector expertise to provide innovative energy solutions that help to reduce running costs whilst ensuring the supply to your critical systems is constant.

Our holistic approach begins with an initial power audit during which perform an in-depth analysis of your site set up to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the services that will best compliment your business model.

Our services include:


  • Framework and supply contract set up
  • Risk management and procurement strategies
  • Advice on third party charges, including CCL exemptions

Management and Reporting

  • Monthly capacity and financial forecasting
  • Load shifting and TRIAD avoidance
  • Identifying additional Demand Side Response revenues
  • Networks and new connections

“We have been very impressed with the excellent service that we receive from Nationwide Utilities. They supported us through the transition from our previous suppliers and have created significant savings for us. We were looking for an energy broker who we could trust to find the best utility deal on our behalf and provide a strong after service. We have definitely received this from Nationwide Utilities.”

“Nationwide Utilities have helped us to cut our energy costs and we have been so impressed that we have passed on referrals.”

“We had not used an energy broker before and looked at a few before choosing Nationwide Utilities. We are happy with them and as such have never had to change broker. Alex and David came across as gentlemen who know their business and their presentation of the products was excellent. They certainly met our expectations and where anything was not as we expected, Alex took the trouble to review, sort out and deliver. I would recommend Nationwide Utilities, without any hesitation.”

“Nationwide Utilities has helped us save money through procurement at a number of international locations and provides excellent energy management support. Whilst working with Nationwide Utilities, we’ve found them to be very professional and they always respond quickly whenever we have a question.”

“BrightHouse have achieved significant savings working in partnership with Nationwide Utilities. They keep the procurement process simple and don’t charge the high fees experienced with other brokers.”

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