Business Energy Procurement
Power Purchase Agreements


Power purchase agreements are long-term renewable energy agreements; usually between 5 years and 20 years long. There are two different types of PPA's - that can be used for different purposes.

Offsite PPA:

(between the producer/seller of renewable power and an energy buyer)
This is an agreement between the person selling energy from their own renewable power project - and a buyer looking to purchasing energy off them.This is well-suited to those able to commit to an energy contract over a long period accounting for a proportion of their energy usage.

  • Reduce your energy costs - A PPA contract could be 10x cheaper compared to current wholesale energy prices.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Provides a Fixed Price (£/MWh) for the duration of the contract.

  • Budget certainty over a long period (5 - 20 years).

  • Access to an off-grid, back-up power source should power outages occur in your area

Onsite PPA: 

(between a customer installing renewable power developer financing the project)
This is an agreement between a customer interested in housing a renewable power system on their property, and a developer who will finance the design, installation, and maintenance of the equipment for them.

The customer will reap the benefits of access to on-site, renewable energy at a low cost but with no upfront cost to fund the project. The developer will get a return on their investment by charging the customer for their energy usage over a long-term contract and pay back period, with any spare energy being sold back to the grid or to other users looking to sign up to a PPA energy contract.

This is generally suitable for customers with the land or roof space to house the renewable power system and are large energy consumers - meaning the investor is guaranteed an easy return.

  • Implement on-site generation at zero upfront costs for your business.

  • Avoid volatile energy market and high prices.

  • No maintenance or insurance costs.

  • Immediate savings on electricity bills.

  • Green credentials and reduction in carbon at zero cost to you.

  • Transferrable to new occupiers of the property.

How can we help with power purchase agreements?

We can help your business by negotiating power purchase agreements on your behalf, through our network of accredited partners. Our expertly sourced PPAs will secure you the optimum price for your energy.