Account Auditing Services

Understand how much energy your business consumes and why with our business auditing services.

What is an account audit?

An account audit is helps us understand the volume of energy your business consumes and how exactly you consume it.

Our team of utility management strategists perform a thorough analysis of your account by reviewing everything from energy bills, current consumption data, your geographical location, and the number of sites you run. With this information, we can easily identify the most important factors that influence your organisation’s energy use and how you can best cut operational costs.

Following your account audit, we’ll conduct further market analysis most relevant to your business and perform risk analysis before tendering for the most competitively priced energy contracts from the UK’s top suppliers.

Our attentive energy consultants respect that you ultimately know your business best and recognise your team as an extension of our own. We work alongside you to better understand your energy requirements and financial objectives regardless of size or sector.

Using advanced market intelligence and decades of energy industry experience, your account manager will create a bespoke strategy that effectively protects your business from the rising price of energy and levies, such as CCL, ESOS, and SECR.

We take into account:

  • Current energy consumption and carbon emissions data.
  • All utility contract renewal dates.
  • Number of sites, employees, industry, and location.
  • Status of compliance with government legislation and climate change regulations.

The benefits:

Reduced energy costs & carbon emissions
Improved operational efficiency
More accurate & strategic budgeting
Clear financial forecasting & risk mitigation