Market Triggers

Stay informed and in control to purchase energy at the right time with our cutting-edge energy monitoring solutions.

Power prices

Our energy specialists use simple yet technologically innovative systems that send alerts to purchase energy at precisely the right moment. This means we can lock in energy contracts at the best time to avoid buying when prices are high.

We compare your current contract price against the wholesale market and predict with relative accuracy the price for electricity or gas in relation to your contract renewal date.

These solutions can be used to automate your purchasing decisions according to pre-defined parameters. If prices move above or below a specified percentage of your previous contract price, we are notified to either secure a contract at that rate, or contact you to discuss the best options. This helps to mitigate against price increases when the market rises, and notifies you of opportunities to you secure lower rates when prices drop.

The benefits:

Budget certainty by securing rates within your pre-defined price parameters
Cut energy costs by timing the market to ensure the best value for your contracts
Reduce hassle and the risk of price volatility by automating your procurement

How does it work?

Market trigger MONTHLY

1. You’re provided with multiple opportunities to buy your energy
2. First period purchased upfront
3. Remaining energy is split into monthly periods & you set the trigger points
4. We track the market & inform you if it moves above or below your trigger points
5. Each month is purchased separately so you’ll receive a separate billing rate for each month

Market trigger ANNUAL

1. Two opportunities to purchase the energy for your contract
2. Purchase first period upfront then set trigger points for the remaining energy
3. We track the market & inform you if it moves above or below your trigger points
4. Your billing rate will be the same for the whole of the contract

To find out more about the different ways your business can benefit from our market trigger solutions and become more cost efficient, contact our team today.