Tailored Energy Solutions and Risk Management for Businesses.

At Nationwide Utilities, we're on a mission to demystify the world of energy procurement, making it hassle-free and cost-effective for businesses across various industries. With over two decades of experience, our dedicated team of experts is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect energy solutions that align with their unique needs and financial goals.

Why choose Nationwide Utilities?

Sustainability: We're committed to sustainable energy solutions that benefit both your bottom line and the planet. Our experts can guide you in adopting eco-friendly options like Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and green energy solutions.

Reliability: When it comes to energy procurement, timing is crucial. Our cutting-edge, in-house-built trigger technology ensures that you purchase energy at the optimal moment, saving you money and reducing risks.

Market Insight: Our energy market monitoring and trigger solution keep you informed about market trends, helping you make informed decisions for your business.

Purchasing Strategy: We tailor our procurement strategies to your unique risk tolerance and financial objectives, offering a customized approach that suits your business needs.

Public Sector Support: We have expertise in navigating the Public Sector DPS Framework, ensuring your business can access energy procurement solutions in compliance with government regulations.

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Accurate Energy Market Trigger Technology


  • Allow Energy Falcon's trigger solution to alert you on market changes for quick energy management decisions. 
  • Reduce the risks of energy market volatility by automating the procurement process.
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