For more than 20 years, our values-driven energy trading team has worked alongside the most established energy suppliers in the UK to source the best energy supply strategies depending on our clients' business objectives without compromise. 

Why? Because we believe that profitable, reliable, and fully bespoke energy supply procurement strategies are integral to the success of any business regardless of industry.

Nationwide Utilities is passionate about simplifying the complexities of procuring energy solutions for diverse businesses across industries. For more than two decades, we have proudly provided clientele of all shapes and sizes with sustainable, steadfast, and cost-effective energy strategies designed to satisfy any financial objective. Our team of energy procurement experts are sensitive to your every need and confidently source, implement, and continuously monitor personalised energy contracts built to last. 

Your time and energy are valuable, so let us help you make the most of them. 

The goal is simple: a comprehensive yet simple energy optimisation strategy with the potential to unlock new long-term revenue streams. Our unique approach allows us to better navigate the market on your behalf, empowering you to make your own informed decisions at the right time for the right price. 

Results speak for themselves; years of demonstrable security, flexibility, and skilful risk mitigation. Much of our success is facilitated by the many long-lasting relationships we’ve built with the most reputable energy supply companies across the UK. As a result, our clients always enjoy impressively preferential rates and, of course, peace of mind.

Our energy supply procurement experts understand that no two businesses are alike. Years of consideration and sensitivity to our customers' needs have cultivated a knowledgeable and enthusiastic atmosphere brimming with our signature collaborative spirit.

Ahead of the curve. 

This fast-paced world is only getting faster. It's our responsibility to ensure that your business is compliant with the latest legislation, enabling you to reap the rewards of economically-savvy and environmentally-friendly technology. We firmly believe in the prospect of a cleaner, leaner tomorrow and seek to spread our enthusiasm about improved sustainability options, not overwhelm or bore. Behind every deal is a sincere commitment to safeguarding our planet's rich resources. 

Solidarity is the key to a safer future and our energy consultants are here to help by recommending the most relevant technological advancements to reduce emissions, not simply list all of them at once. 

Help is on its way.

Armed with dynamic data, we begin the procurement process by thoroughly auditing your business’ current energy usage, validating invoices, and benchmarking our findings against your competitors. There’s a budget-friendly energy option out there for everyone and we work hard to make sure that your estimated usage matches actual consumption. Our strategic recommendations allow you to cut costs, improve energy efficiency, and lower emissions by identifying room for improvement at every juncture.

Energy markets fluctuate daily, therefore we use our own tracking solutions to monitor the market ourselves. We’ll notify you when rates at are their lowest so you can secure the best possible money-saving alternative to your current energy contract. Moreover, your energy advisor can forecast future trends and compare the results of your audit with historical data to ensure that your contract remains within specific financial targets.

Returning power to the people. 

There’s no pressure to make a decision within any timeframe; it’s your business and it should be treated as such. A dream contract should tick every box - no questions asked. After selecting your optimal energy contract based on our research, we’ll continue to monitor output patterns to find ways to further optimise consumption and save money. You can trust that your contract is safe with us - until we find an even better one. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to wait until your current contract expires. We know your time and energy are valuable so get in touch today to learn more about how your business can benefit from our unique energy procurement strategies.

Our procurement services include:
  • Understanding your organisation’s specific energy requirements
  • Validating your recent invoices against actual energy consumption
  • Evaluating non-commodity costs and government taxes
  • Reporting to show how purchases compare with previous market prices
  • Monitoring changes in energy costs to identify the optimum time to buy
  • Automating your procurement based on pre-defined price criteria
  • Sourcing a range of quotes from our network of over 20 suppliers
  • Negotiating prices to obtain the best value from your contracts
  • Reviewing suggested supplier’s contract terms before securing
  • Dedicated senior account managers ready to help along the way
Power prices
Fixed purchasing
A fixed energy contract allows you to lock in an energy price for the length of your contract and provides price certainty.

If your business has a set budget and wants to control their energy costs, a fixed energy contract will guarantee the peace of mind that the rates will remain the same for the entire duration of the contract.

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Flexible purchasing

With flexible energy purchasing, your business can reduce energy costs by purchasing energy below the average market price.

Take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase energy at the most advantageous time. Flexible contracts allow you to obtain considerable cost reductions for your company when managed correctly.

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We support your business in finding ways to generate its own sustainable energy or secure 100% green contracts with suppliers by putting into action eco-friendly policies to provide an on-going strategy for your organisation.

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Market Triggers

Be in the know about purchasing commercial energy at precisely the right time with our energy specialists and leading-edge energy monitoring technology. Gain access to simple yet technologically innovative systems that send alerts to purchase energy at precisely the right moment. This means we can lock in energy contracts at the best time to avoid buying when prices are peaking

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