Renewable Energy Purchasing

Reduce your carbon emissions and environmental impact with our renewable energy solutions

With climate change one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, there is an increasing emphasis placed on organisations to minimise their carbon footprint in order to demonstrate their commitment to mitigating these effects.

In the UK, more of our electricity is coming from low carbon or renewable sources all the time. We now produce around 35% of our electricity from renewables, a 5% improvement on the previous year. And for the first time since the industrial revolution, we now generate more power from combined clean sources than from fossil fuels.

Renewable energy contracts used to have a significant premium associated with them. However, with more renewable sources coming online and the increase in low-carbon electricity production this comes with, the difference in costs compared with non-renewable energy contracts is becoming negligible.

We can help you to generate you own clean energy onsite through wind or solar installations, or simply switch you over to a renewable energy contract from our network of REGO certified suppliers. Our renewable energy services include renewable energy feasibility studies, carbon footprint assessments, policy reviews and managing wind and solar installations. We can help you to meet your environmental responsibilities and remain complaint with the increasing number of government carbon reduction policies.

The benefits:

Reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact
Negligible cost difference compared with non-renewables
Improve your sustainability credentials and Corporate Social Responsibility
Generate income or mitigate rising energy costs with onsite generation

To find out more about the different ways your business can benefit from renewable energy to become more sustainable and cost efficient contact our team today.

Generate your own energy

We support your business in finding ways to generate its own sustainable energy using natural resources such as the sun, wind and water using renewable generation techniques. There is an increasing number of microgeneration technologies providing businesses with practical ways to produce free energy.

✔ Solar panels
✔ Wind turbines
✔ Hydro
✔ Anaerobic digestion
✔ Biomass heating
✔ Heat pumps

Secure 100% green contracts

We source 100% green contracts with suppliers and put into action eco-friendly policies to provide an on-going strategy for your organisation.
By choosing a green energy contract, your business will demonstrate to stakeholders that you are meeting your legal and ethical responsibilities when it comes to protecting the environment. Besides, choosing green energy suppliers could have cost benefits for your organisation as the price of carbon-based energy increases and the Government seeks to reward businesses for choosing green alternatives.