Business Energy Management Consultancy 
Auditing & Gap Analysis


Analysing anorganisation’s energy consumption and management is the first step to identifying areas of improvements for both carbon and cost reduction.

As leaders in helping both private and public sector improve their energy management, we can carry out an audit of your business to help us understand the volume of energy your business consumes and exactlyhow you consume it - so we can implement a strategy to improve on and cut operational costs.

Energy Audit

Similar to the process for ESOS, we can implement an energy audit of your business to identify where you can make improvements.

  • Quantify energy consumption for selected site/s or process (such as fleet or manufacturing).

  • Analyse organisation’s energy consumption and management including equipment, processes and practices.

  • Identify energy and cost saving recommendations.

  • Support energy efficiency objectives, target setting and monitoring for delivery.

  • Assist implementation and continuous improvement of ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

Gap Analysis

A Gap analysis will look more in detail at your specific company goals and what you are looking to achieve to develop a detailed action plan and timeline to get there.It will look at the following;;

  • What does your business what to achieve?

  • What do you already have in place?

  • What options are there and do you need to put in place to achieve your goal?

  • Develop a detailed action plan and timeline to achieve this.

  • We can then help implement the strategy in order to achieve the goal.