Energy Bill Validation

Avoid overcharging with strategic energy bill validation and revenue recovery services.

Interpreting energy bills and benchmarking what you are paying for your power is a very challenging process. Every year, research confirms that avoidable utility bill overcharging costs businesses millions of pounds, especially if they manage multiple sites. Without invoice validation solutions and insightful market intelligence, it’s impossible for customers to identify how or why mistakes are so often made.

It usually isn't clear which department or facility is consuming the most power or where improvements can be made to increase efficiency. Most people have likely experienced the distress energy bill overcharging can cause from the supplier that powers their home, too.

What can cause utility invoice inaccuracies?

  • Out of contract charges if your renewal date is missed
  • Billing based on estimated usage, not actual usage, especially if operating on a non-half-hourly (NHH) meter
  • Old or faulty meters and non-Automated Meter Readings (AMR)
  • Complex invoices and lack of transparency about sources of inefficiencies
  • Human error and failure to immediately reconcile issues
  • Changes to legislation, new taxes, levies or non-energy costs
  • Overcharging, undercharging, and back-billing (catch-ups), especially when switching suppliers or moving premises.

Examine current contract terms to spot errors & recover costs.
Ensure bills reflect actual use with better metering & data.
Review consumption, emissions, & structure for better tariffs.
Avoid government levies (CCL) & third-party charges.
New contract procurement & renewal management.
Help improve operational efficiencies & reduce emissions.

How can we help?

Following our initial account audit and retrospective bill validation process, we conduct market risk analysis and begin the energy tendering process for more cost-effective options. Ongoing consumption reporting, better contract procurement, and access to your own data can significantly reduce overheads.

Our solutions include:

  • Multi-site contract procurement and metering support to avoid back-billing, especially when moving.
  • Contacting suppliers to resolve inaccuracies and disputes on your behalf.
  • General maintenance and smart meter installation for more accurate data.
  • Market risk analysis and financial forecasting for better budgeting.
  • Online access to your own data and manual backup.

Get in touch with our team of energy procurement specialists to make sure you aren't being overcharged by your supplier and learn more about how we can rapidly recover any lost revenue and cut costs.