Market Intelligence

Simplify the complexities of the energy sector with our sophisticated energy market intelligence.

Energy market volatility is influenced by an endlessly complex interplay of global economic, geopolitical, and environmental variables. Commodity prices can rise and fall as quickly as minutes tick by, and a misplaced data point can squander an opportunity for financial efficiency.


At Nationwide Utilities, we understand that market intelligence must be both targeted and holistic. Knowledge is power, but too much information can cloud the bigger picture and prevent crucial decisions from being made on a moment’s notice. Our market intelligence integrates the bigger picture and factors most relevant to your buying interests, allowing us to make rapid and accurate decisions on a moment’s notice based on the most up-to-date and succinct data.


We excel at interpreting the world around us, and proudly provide robust and dynamic business solutions and risk mitigation strategies capable of withstanding even the worst “what if” scenarios. With your input and financial objectives in mind, our analysts devise solutions suitable for your business. Comprehensive market intelligence and decades of energy industry experience are only useful if they can be applied appropriately.


Our proprietary energy market tracking software builds a cumulative picture of global purchasing trends and market drivers to ensure clarity and accuracy. By taking into account every variable from weather patterns to politics, our energy procurement strategists can generate targeted solutions for any problem. It’s our responsibility to help businesses capitalise on energy market volatility, therefore we only offer insights based on the most current and accurate data possible.