Business Energy Management Consultancy
Market Intelligence


Simplify the complexities of the energy sector with our sophisticated energy market intelligence.

Energy market volatility is influenced by an endlessly complex interplay of global economic, geopolitical, and environmental variables. Today's geo-political drivers such as Russian conflict and seasonal drivers effected by global climate change are creating many more unknown unknowns, making the task of managing energy procurement and risk much more complex.

Commodity prices can rise and fall within minutes, and a misplaced data point can squander an opportunity for financial efficiency.


How can we help?

Knowledge is power when it comes to the energy market. At Nationwide Utilities, we understand that market intelligence must integrate the bigger picture and factors most relevant to your buying interests. This allows us to make rapid and accurate decisions on a moment’s notice based on the most up-to-date and succinct data.


  • Robust and dynamic business solutions and risk mitigation strategies capable of withstanding even the worst “what if” scenarios.
  • Over two decades of energy industry experience and comprehensive market intelligence.
  • Intelligent energy market tracking software that builds a cumulative picture of global purchasing trends and market drivers to ensure clarity and accuracy.
  • Risk Analysts who can devise solutions suitable for your business, with your input and finance objectives in mind.