We believe in sustaining an autonomous work environment where people are empowered to make independent and competent decisions. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are meeting the required deadlines and expectations.
Taking ownership of a situation, whether at work or in our personal life is essential as it means that we can reduce the risk of inaccuracy and thoughtlessness which in turn leads to better and more predictable results.


We value the ability of our team to not only make commitments but to honour them. Accountability means being reliable and taking responsibility, which has become second nature to NU in demonstrating the importance of successfully achieving the desired outcome.
We are accountable for all mistakes either by direct action or the inaction of ourselves or that of others within our team. In the same way, when one person succeeds we all share in that collective success.


We are always focused on growth, whether it’s personal development or company vision. We believe there is always room for improvement, so we grow inviting challenges and stepping outside of our comfort zone.
Through forging and developing positive relationships with clients and suppliers, continuously expanding our knowledge and advancing our solutions, we come closer to achieving our full potential.


Whenever faced with a challenge, we solve it even if it isn’t straight forward. As a team, we are encouraged to channel our authenticity by having a forward-thinking perspective.
Whether it’s finding fresh ways to help clients reduce energy costs by developing new solutions to track the market or just having the urgency to get things done at a higher standard. We aim to bridge the gap between where we are and where we would like to be, by taking the initiative to do so. Innovation is at the centre of our operations.


We encourage an environment of openness and honesty to ensure all communication conveyed is clear and transparent. We believe any exchange of information should be frank and concise to reduce the risk of misunderstandings.
There should be a goal in every key communication and should be fed back in necessary instances. Regular communication is essential to ensure all involved parties are on the same page.


Trust comes out of honesty, surety and the ability of an individual. So when working with others, we believe having trust and confidence in another’s capabilities is essential. It is just as important to share ideas without judgement and having the ability to receive constructive criticism as development areas, rather than taking it personally.
Developing and learning takes place every day, so when we make mistakes, it is our responsibility to admit the mistake and resolve it promptly. This creates a healthy culture where people can thrive in their strengths and develop areas they are weaker, without feeling misunderstood.

Be real

We encourage our team to be open and direct when discussing amongst each other. It is important to allow all personalities to intermix, creating a cohesive and cooperative environment.
Having a positive working environment is key to creating a healthy culture in which all individuals are encouraged to express their ideas and flourish in their chosen career. Every individual possesses areas in which they are stronger and areas in which can be developed.


Being respectful means being considerate, courteous and thoughtful when engaging with others. Listening with attentiveness and encouraging one another and recognising good work are the building blocks to building a healthy and positive work environment.
Recognising other’s abilities and work establishes mutual respect and humility in the workplace. Respect is a cornerstone when it comes to speaking and liaising with others.