Triad Management

Save money by reducing your electricity demand during periods of system stress with our Triad management services.

Triads are the three half-hour periods of highest system demand on the electricity transmission network between November and February each year, separated by at least ten clear days.

The Triad charge was introduced by the National Grid in order to finance the operation and maintenance of the transmission network. The fee is payable by generators and consumers and varies depending on geographical location.

Triads typically occur between the hours of 4 and 7pm with the following factors significantly impacting the likelihood of an event:

  • Overlap of industrial and domestic demand
  • Temperature
  • Hours of light / darkness
  • Wind generation

Reduce Energy Costs Through Triad Management

Businesses can save up to 15% of the total annual spend by reducing demand during the three peak periods through Triad management.

To ensure timely preparation you’ll need advanced warning that a Triad event is likely. Our energy team have developed a warning system that provides:

  • In-day UK demand forecasts
  • Live UK demand (updated every 30 minutes)
  • Triad likelihood recommendations
  • Historic TRIAD data analysis

For more information on our Triad solution, please contact us.